Leica M10 Half Case (open version)

dark brown
black / white stitching
Leather type

Half Case for Leica M10

Masterful Oberwerth craftsmanship for your Leica camera

The half cases for Leica M10 from Oberwerth are made of the finest leather following traditional craftmanship and loving handwork. They are of the highest precision and protect your valuable camera like a second skin.
The outer leather surface and the inner suede leather case are perfectly coordinated. The perfect fit is also guaranteed by a specially processed metal reinforcement that maintains the shape for years to come. Of course, our half cases are vegetablely tanned ensuring highest quality to protect your camera properly.
The perfect fit also allows the operation of all control elements and an unobstructed view of the screen.
The half cases from Oberwerth have a molded and perfectly shaped handle as a standard and integrated element. Oberwerth always offers their half cases in a “closed” and an “open”version or in other words with or without hatches in the bottom plate. These hatches function by the help of an access door folding out and snapping back in place. This allows unhindered access to the batteries and sd card if the customer decides for the open version.
The Leica M10 Half Case is fastened by a durable ¼” screw in the floor of the half case, which has again an integrated tripod mount. This way, the photographer can use the camera without the need of removing the case when using a tripod.

Product Features of the Leica M10 Half Case 

Easy Battery AccessSD Cards DoorTripod MountHighest Quality Vegetable Tanned Leather

(pictured camera and camera strap are not included)

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