Leica SL2 Half Case (with battery hatch)

dark brown
Leather type

Masterful Oberwerth handwork for your Leica SL2 camera

- with battery flap -

The half cases for the Leica SL2 from Oberwerth are lovingly handcrafted from the finest leather. They are extremely precise and protect your valuable camera like a second skin. The outer leather and the inner Alcantara leather cover are perfectly coordinated. The perfect fit is also guaranteed by a specially processed metal reinforcement.
The perfect fit of the Leica SL2 Half Case allows all controls to be operated and an unobstructed view of the screen.

Details of the Leica SL2 Half Case

The half case for your SL2 hugs the ergonomically shaped handle of your camera like a second skin. The outer skin is reinforced by an aluminum layer worked between the leather and the inner skin, and the bottom is made of stainless steel and covered with leather. This is how we offer the best fit and protection for your camera. The battery can also be replaced via a flap on the underside that can be opened using a magnetic lock without having to remove the half case.

The Leica SL2 Half Case is attached using a ¼ ”floor screw, which in turn has an integrated tripod thread. So the photographer can use the tripod and does not have to remove the half case to use the tripod.

The leather is a vegetable tanned cowhide of the highest quality to match our camera bags and camera straps. Each piece of leather is carefully cut, shaped and sewn to create a flawlessly fitting half case that improves your grip and camera handling.

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 (pictured camera or Camera straps are not included)