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Leica Q2 Half Case Review by Alan Weinschel

With a Leica Q2 Monochrom in hand, I looked for a nice half case to go with it. I settled on a black Oberwerth “Classic Line.” It arrived via DHL from Germany, and I have been using it for about a week.

The case is extremely well-made, and it is clear that some clever engineering went into its design. It is also quite pleasing to the eye with smooth black leather. Out of the box, (which is beautiful itself), the leather is rich and the stitching is tight. The inside is black soft suede to avoid scratching the camera.  

You will start to see the engineering when you fit the case to your camera. It is very precisely fitted to the Q2 (the Q2Monochrom is exactly the same size as the Q2; the only differences are internal). 

A hint: In the illustration at right, you will see the screw that is used to fasten the case to the camera (and also provide a tripod mounting point). I found it easier to fit the case if I removed the screw to place the camera in the case.

The front and rear of the case are very precisely fitted. The above is a rear view. As you will see from succeeding images, all the controls remain at hand, both front and back. 

The bottom has an unobtrusive Oberwerth logo. In fitting the case, the first time, it may feel a little tight but that is not something to worry about; it will slide on fairly easily, especially if you remember, as noted, to remove the fitting screw. It is easier to tighten the screw with a coin or something similar once the camera is in the case.

The precise fitting can be seen on both front and back:

Leica Q2 Half Case Review by Alan Weinschel
Leica Q2 Half Case Review by Alan Weinschel

One of the reasons I selected this model was because it is the “open” model, meaning that you can access the battery and the SD card from the bottom of the case and do not have to take the camera out of the case for these functions. 

The Q2 case has two separate flaps on the bottom. One provides access to the battery and its release lever. It is secured magnetically and firmly. I had no issues getting to the battery and getting it out and a new one in.

The other flap is over the sliding door on the camera bottom that covers the SD card compartment. It too is secured by a magnet. It is a little harder to get a SD card out because the flap needs to be held while you slide the catch for the SD cover and then extract the card. 

The flap does not open more than about 90 degrees because there is little room between the hinge part of the flap and the tripod socket. There had to be some very precise work to get this to work and it is worth it, in my view. 

Not having to remove the case for card or battery changes is a great time saver, and simplifies your workflow. 

The Oberwerth solution “just works” and I am pleased to recommend it.

Leica Q2 Half Case Review by Alan Weinschel
Leica Q2 Half Case Review by Alan Weinschel

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Alan Weinschel, Past President of the International Leica Society - LHSA, has been a photographer for over 50 years and is a valued member of the Leica community. He has tried a lot of equipment in his life, is now fully digitally equipped and uses mainly Leica cameras.

Alan Weinschel received a law degree 'cum laude' from New York University and practised law from 1969 to 2014.

His pictures hang in exhibitions, museums, private homes and of course in his law firm. Some of his pictures can be admired on his website, linked below.

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